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GRO Capital A/S and KIRK KAPITAL A/S acquire controlling interest in Tacton Systems AB



A consortium consisting of GRO Capital A/S and KIRK KAPITAL A/S has acquired the controlling interest in Tacton Systems AB.

Tacton Systems AB is a Swedish technology company headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, and is a world leader in sales and product configuration for manufacturers and the manufacturing sector.

The transaction comprises an acquisition of the controlling interest in the company and a capital injection of up to DKK 75m to further accelerate growth. Tacton Systems AB has enjoyed substantial growth in 2017 and has opened offices in the US, Germany and Poland.

Tacton Systems AB has an annual revenue of more than DKK 225m and employs 220 people.

Kåre Stolt, Noel Strange-Obel Johansen, Lasse Strøm and Nikolaj Grønvald Hansen advised GRO Capital A/S.


Kåre Stolt
Kåre Stolt

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