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Investcorp acquires Cambio Healthcare Systems AB


The global investment company Investcorp has acquired the e-healthcare company Cambio Healthcare Systems AB  (Cambio) from Valedo Partners Fund II AB  (Valedo).

In 2012, Valedo invested in Cambio which led to Cambio's current status a one of the leading suppliers of healthcare information systems in the Nordic countries. Cambio employs approx. 600 people and has more than 150,000 users of the company's software solutions who are located primarily in Denmark, Sweden and Great Britain.

Investcorp is a leading global investment company employing 400 people in Europe and in the rest of the world. Their portfolio comprises technology and software businesses, with almost 10% operating within healthcare.

With Investcorp as the new principal owner and partner, Cambio will have access to increased resources in terms of e.g. expertise and capital. This will drive growth and enable long-term investments that support continued development and expansion into new and existing markets.

The agreement is subject to approval by the Swedish competition authorities.

Noel Strange-Obel Johansen, Poul Erik Lytken and Nikolaj Grønvald Hansen advised Investcorp in connection with the transaction.


For further information, please read the press release here.


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