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LEO Pharma enters into joint venture with Klox Technologies



Accura has assisted LEO Pharma with entering into an agreement with Klox Technologies to establish a jointly owned company to further develop and commercialise Klox' BioPhotonic technology in dermatology, including the brands Kleresca for acne and Kleresca for skin rejuvenation.

Both companies bring in their contributions from their existing collaboration which started in 2014.

The new joint venture will be an independently managed company that allows for greater strategic expansion of the BioPhotonic technology under the Kleresca brands.

Thomas Weincke, Louise HilligsøeDan Ermose, Anja Staugaard and Sofie Rosenkrantz advised LEO Pharma.


Thomas Weincke
Thomas Weincke

Partner, Attorney-at-Law

Mobile: +45 3078 6678