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Operation of business during Corona

A large part of the Danish public sector has been shut down for the time being. The private sector in Denmark must keep the wheels turning but on changed conditions of work.


Let's begin with what is simple. Accura is a modern consultancy business, and we are largely able to continue business as usual, irrespective of the current situation. Naturally, we respect all recommendations from the relevant public authorities, but we can handle all outgoing activities from a distance, and our partners and employees proceed with their efficient and dedicated work from home work stations etc. This means that our clients will not experience any negative changes. It is relatively easy for us.

For others, it is not that simple. It is not possible for everyone to continue operations from home, and we receive a lot of questions relating to themes which, generally, are not relevant, but which have suddenly become relevant in this extraordinary situation.

Accura's fundamental approach is that we are here to help our clients in making things work, no matter the situation and the difficulties you face. We now use the exact same approach to assist you in matters concerning e.g.:




Contractual matters:


Financial matters, restructuring and insolvency:


Compliance and GDPR:


Project development and construction law:


Lease law


Direct and indirect taxes


Competition and public procurement law


You are always welcome to contact your usual contact person at Accura. We are here and we are taking care of our work and clients as usual.

We have assessed that it will be of value to our clients and business partners to set up a panel with a focus on the Corona virus to provide advice within various business areas. You are more than welcome to call the members of the panel directly or get hold of Morten Langer if you want us to organise a brief conference call with one or more of the members of the panel which consists of:

Employees: Partner Morten Langer (morten.langer@accura.dk/+45 30786604)

Contracts etc.: Partner Poul Jagd Mogensen (poul.jagd.mogensen@accura.dk/+45 30786743)

Financing: Partner Kim Toftgaard (kim.toftgaard@accura.dk/+45 30786602)

Insolvency/restructuring: Partner Andreas Kærsgaard Mylin (andreas.mylin@accura.dk/+45 30785761)

GDPR: Associate partner Jens Harkov Hansen (jens.harkov.hansen@accura.dk/+45 30786687)

Construction law: Partner Anders Friis (anders.friis@accura.dk/+45 30788380)

Lease law: Partner Luise Christensen (luise.christensen@accura.dk/+45 30788381)

Direct & Indirect Taxes: Associate partner Poul Erik Lytken (poul.erik.lytken@accura.dk/+45 30786796)

Competition law: Partner Laurits Schmidt Christensen (laurits.schmidt.christensen@accura.dk/+45 30786785)


Naturally, you are welcome to contact your usual contact person at Accura who can also assist you.