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Picture Head acquires Danish market leader within visual effects

Case info

The American group Picture Head has acquired the Danish company Ghost A/S.

Ghost A/S was founded in 1999 and is located in Copenhagen. The company is a market leader within design and production of visual effects for films and series. The customers include film companies, TV companies and streaming services.

Ghost A/S has made visual effects for many famous international productions, including James Bond, Harry Potter, Mission Impossible, Star Wars, Star Trek and The Walking Dead. 

Picture Head is headquartered in Hollywood in California. The company is one of the most widely used VFX and post-production companies in the industry and its list of customers includes Disney, Netflix, Marvel, Lucas Film and Pixar.

Kåre Stolt, Noel Strange-Obel Johansen, Poul Erik Lytken, Ida Feldthaus and Nikolaj Grønvald Hansen advised Picture Head in connection with the transaction.


Kåre Stolt
Kåre Stolt

Senior Partner, Attorney-at-Law

Mobile: +45 3078 6600

Noel Strange-Obel Johansen
Noel Strange-Obel Johansen

Associate Partner, Attorney-at-Law

Phone: +45 3945 2911
Mobile: +45 3078 6711

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