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Banking & Finance

We satisfy banks' and financial institutions' needs for legal advice.

Practice Areas

“Very strong on advising on debt restructuring.”

Banking & Finance - IFLR, 2020

“Clients praise Accura for its 'personal', 'professional' and 'solution-focused' approach”

Banking & Finace - Legal 500, 2019

“Very flexible, attentive to our needs and quick to respond”

Chambers & Partners, 2019

“The lawyers have a deep and strong knowledge, are very easy to work with, provide value-adding advice and are always accessible 24/7”

Chambers & Partners, 2019

“The firm's very commercial. It's first class.”

Banking & Finance - IFLR 2019

“It offers a very professional and competent service regarding acquisition financing and bond issuing”

IFLR 2019

“Accura Advokatpartnerselskab outpaces other law firms with its commercial understanding, response times and strength of the team.”

Banking & Finance - Legal 500, 2018

“A highly competent team, who have a higher understanding of our business interests than we typically see from law firms”

Banking & Finance - Chambers, 2018

“We highly value the banking and finance team's accessibility, as well as their pragmatic and business-oriented approach.”

Banking & Finance - Chambers, 2018

“The firm continues to impress with a range of significant mandates”

Baning & Finance - IFLR1000, 2018

“Excellent legal advice and commercially viable solutions”

Banking & Finance - IFLR1000, 2018

“We are very satisfied with the services provided by the banking and finance team at Accura”

Banking & Finance - IFLR1000, 2018

“Tier 1 rated”

IFRL1000, 2018

“This very responsible, quick and very friendly team provides good value for money”

Banking & Finance - Legal 500, 2016

“The team is skilled, hard-working, and it has good partners.”

Banking & Finance - Chambers & Partners, 2015

“The practice does a great job. It is solid, reliable and responsive.”

Banking & Finance - Chambers Europe, 2014

“A large department that focuses on transactional banking solutions, with the critical mass to handle high-end work”

Banking & Finance - Chambers Europe, 2012

“This modern consultancy-style firm delivers a fast and responsive service”

Banking & Finance - Chambers Europe, 2011

“Thorough and expedient. Quick turnaround with high quality product.”

Banking & Finance - IFLR, 2020

Our advisory services on banking & finance

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Acquisition financing

Accura is an experienced advisor to banks in connection with the financing of company acquisitions in Denmark.

We provide LMA-based (Loan Market Association) loan documents and updated Danish traditional loan agreements to our bank clients. Normally, we start providing advice at the first negotiations on term sheet.

In connection with international transactions, we have assisted some of the world's largest banks in obtaining security in Danish assets.

We have drafted security documents for almost all the asset types that may be relevant in connection with acquisition financing.

With respect to our advice to borrowers, we have particular experience in the structuring of the financing in relation to the relevant companies. Moreover, we assist borrowers in connection with the negotiation of all types of loan agreements and security agreements.

We are known for our ability to identify and focus on the main problems under extreme time pressure.

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Real estate financing

Accura normally provides legal advice in connection with major real estate transactions in which we advise on financial structure. In recent years, we have advised lenders in connection with the largest Danish real estate transactions in which LMA-based loan documents have been used.

Our clients include banks and real estate investors that we assist in connection with highly leveraged transactions, particularly cross-border transactions.

We are at the forefront when it comes to finding commercially attractive solutions to problems affecting more than one party at the same time.

We are known for our commercial, pragmatic and tailored approach to each individual task, which often requires the coordination of more than one legal system. Loan agreements are often governed by the law of one country whereas the property to be mortgaged is situated in another country.

We bridge the gap and seek to minimise the uncertainty felt by real estate investors and providers of loan capital.

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Structured financing

Accura is known for its expertise in the field of structured financing.

We are the undisputed market leader within securitisation. We have advised more issuers than any other Danish law office.

We offer advice on various types of structured products with different starting points.

We provide regular advisory services to market-leading European companies in respect of the legal problems relating to securitisation under Danish law. Our advice is particularly focused on the handling of the challenges posed by the Danish Financial Business Act (lov om finansiel virksomhed).

In recent years, we have assisted in the establishment of securitisation of real estate, receivables, leased assets, etc.

Our clients often choose us as legal advisors because of our ability to find structured solutions at an early stage, which may be crucial to a successful transaction.

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Project financing

Accura has been involved in many different types of project financing by means of assets such as vessels, aircrafts, windmills and infrastructure.

We offer advice to banks as well as active and portfolio investors. Our principal task is to find a project structure satisfying both the financial sponsors and the relevant tax requirements.

In particular in international projects, we have demonstrated our ability to coordinate and manage projects involving many different advisors.

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Financial institutions

Accura advises financial institutions in connection with the setting up and provision of financial services in Denmark.

We assist our clients from start to end to ensure that they meet the public authority requirements, which are generally very strict in Denmark.

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Investment funds

Accura assists both Danish and international asset managers in becoming recognised by all types of Danish institutional investors.

Due to the high concentration of large pension funds, the Danish market attracts many international asset managers which, in a new and very professional manner, seek to establish themselves in the market which has been dominated by Danish players until now.

In particular within the scope of the UCITS directive, we have provided assistance concerning registration in Denmark, registration of additional sub-funds, translation of prospectuses and submission of updated documents.

We handle the daily contact with the representatives of the relevant public authorities, in particular the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority, to find solutions and methods permitting our clients to gain access to the market.



Kim Toftgaard
Kim Toftgaard

Partner, Attorney-at-Law, LL.M.

Mobile: +45 3078 6602

Mads Kjellerup Dambæk
Mads Kjellerup Dambæk

Partner, Attorney-at-Law, M.Fin.

Mobile: +45 3078 6646

Further Details

We draft the documents necessary for all types of financial transactions, in particular the granting of loans, and we adjust the documents to the particular transaction. We provide the lender with a clear contractual basis and ensure that the lender obtains the best possible security in the relevant assets at the date on which the loan is paid out or earlier.

If the client fails to perform its agreement with the bank, we assist the bank in securing the amount owing through negotiations or enforcement proceedings.

Moreover, we provide assistance in connection with the setting up of all types of financial businesses, and we ensure that the businesses comply with the Danish financial legislation from time to time. We also advise on the provision of all types of investment products to the usual investor categories to ensure that the provision of financial services and advice complies with Danish legislation and that our clients encounter as few legal obstacles as possible.

If necessary, we draw on the expertise of Accura's experts in real estate and M&A.